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Sewer System Maintenance Department

The collection system department is responsible for getting the sewage to the treatment plant with no interruptions along the way. We do that by maintaining all the sewer lines in the streets, alleys, and easements with the cities of Selma, Kingsburg, Fowler, and the District. Public health and safety is our primary concern. The lines must be cleaned to keep them from plugging up and overflowing into homes, yards, and streets. We use high pressure water to remove debris from the pipes. The debris is flushed back to the manhole and vacuumed out with a special equipped truck. The entire sewer system is completely cleaned every 24 months. We also maintain 21 pumping stations throughout the cities and district. The stations have an alarm system to monitor and alert us of any problems 24 hours a day. There is a collection system crew member on 24 hour standby to respond to sewer stoppage calls or pump station alarms.

Plant Maintenance Department

The S-K-F County Sanitation District treatment plant has approximately 6,800 HP in motors driving pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, screw lifts, augers, and various other equipment that is essential to treat the sewage in order to meet the State of California’s stringent wastewater discharge requirements.

All of this equipment is maintained to insure compliance with wastewater quality standards. All equipment is setup on computerized preventive maintenance schedules and every effort is made to keep all equipment in proper operating condition 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.