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Job Opportunities

The District accepts applications only for currently open positions. If you are interested in seeking employment with SKF County Sanitation District, you can learn more in this section by clicking below on any current openings (if any.)




How to Apply

You may apply by emailing your completed application along with any additional attachments.

Save application/questionnaire located above to your personal computer and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  (Important:  Open and save forms from your personal computer in order to save all your typed information.)  Fill out and save changes to completed form and submit application along with any additional attachments and email to:

A completed application for Employment must be received at the District office by the closing date. If a job-seeker needs accommodation to apply for this job, a request must be received in writing at the District office at least two days prior to the application deadline. See the Employment Opportunity Announcement for more specific details. The District is an equal opportunity employer. Selection will be based on an appraisal of the applicant’s preparation for employment as presented in the completed Application For Employment and on the results of a written and/or oral examination. The examination will cover the applicant’s ability to perform the duties and fulfill the requirements of the classification, as listed in the Job Description. A pre-employment background investigation will be conducted by a licensed private investigator selected by the District. A physical examination must be successfully completed as a condition of any employment offer which may be made by the District. The physician is selected and paid by the District. The examination includes a drug screening test. A positive test will result in disqualification from employment consideration.