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The District operates, maintains, refurbishes, replaces, and expands the wastewater treatment plant and the large diameter sewers. Each city owns its own local sewer system. The District operates, maintains, refurbishes, and replaces the cities’ sewers. The District does not build new sewers for the cities. The District makes sure that the sewer system is constructed correctly and maintains them after they are constructed.

The engineering department responds to residential/developer inquiries, conducts plan checks, issues permits, conducts sewer construction inspections, and manages the capital improvement program.

The State Water Resources Control Board adopted a Statewide General Waste Discharge Requirements for Sanitary Sewer Systems on May 2, 2006(GWDR). All state agencies, municipalities, counties, districts, that own or operate a sanitary sewer system greater than one mile in length that collect wastewater to a publicly owned treatment facility in California are required to conform with said order.

The order requires that the Selma-Kingsburg-Fowler County Sanitation District prepare a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP), which is to contain a plan and schedule to properly manage, operate, and maintain the sewer collection system in its entirety. The goals are, in summary, are to reduce the preventable occurrences of sewer system overflows (SSO), protect waters of the United States, provide adequate capacity for design flows, and provide adequate resources for operation, maintenance, and repair.

Comments and questions shall be submitted to District Engineer, Veronica Cazares, or email to

Contact for any other questions regarding construction/inspections or future development projects.