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2020 Annual CWEA awards banquet

2019 – Collection System of the Year
2019 – Plant of the Year
2019 – Engineering and Achievement: McCall Project
2019 – Public Outreach of the Year: Small Budget
2019 – Operator of the Year: Joseph Gaxiola



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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) along with Quantum Energy Services & Technologies, Inc. (QuEST), implement the California Wastewater Process Optimization Program (CalPOP). SKF received an incentive payment of $50,195 for the Rotary Drum Thickener Project which will save energy…















"Faces & Places" with Ben Munoz Jr, General Manager for Selma – Kingsburg- Fowler County Sanitation District. Today’s video may cause a big stink, lol, but will have lots of valuable info you may not have even thought about. Thanks to Ben for taking the time to join me today. Please like, share and comment on this video.

Posted by Parminder Singh on Thursday, October 19, 2017

“Faces and Places” interview by Parminder Singh


Valley ROP Program
Valley PBS Special:  American Graduate- Stories of Champions: Ben Munoz, Jr.

American Graduate- Stories of Champions: Ben Munoz, Jr.



2018 Awards Received

CWEA 2018 – Collection System of the Year Award – Small Size

CWEA 2018 – Ricardo Isaguirre, Operator III for Earning the 2018 CWEA “Operator of the Year”

CWEA 2018 – Community Engagement & Outreach Project of the Year, Small Budget”

CWEA 2018 – Engineering Achievement of the Year for  “Award for the Solar Project”

CWEA 2018 – Supervisor of the Year – Jimmy Floyd, Assistant Maintenance Supervisor cwea awards